Freedman Single Seat Quick Release Mechanism (Light Weight) – Gen 2

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The quick-release mechanism gives the flexibility to instantly install, uninstall and move a seat to a different location in vans and buses. It fits in the standard L tracks and passes all necessary regulatory requirements when used with the Freedman Go seat.

The standard quick-release mechanism fits in the track spacing of 5.85”. To give a rigid connection to the floor and a rattle-free ride, It has indexing pins at the front, and locking Lips at the back. The high-density ABS roller, provided at the rear, allows you to roll the seat in a different location for easier mobility.

The mechanism working is simplistic in nature, to unlock the mechanism from the tracks, lift the locking pin and pull the lever back. To lock, index the mechanism in the track and push the levers towards the front of the seat.

The mechanism comes in both Aluminum and Steel, the lightweight Aluminum mechanism is 40% lighter than the steel mechanism. For long-term durability, all Aluminum surfaces are anodized, and steel surfaces are powder coated. The complete system, along with tracks, is tested for FMVSS 207/210/225, the weight of the steel mechanism is 17.2 lbs; the Weight of the Aluminum mechanism is 10 lbs. The Aluminum mechanism is becoming increasingly popular in electric vehicles.

The overall concept of quick release can bring enormous flexibility to the floor plan of recreational vehicles, utility vehicles, work Van, cargo Vans, and multipurpose specialty vehicles. These L tracks can remain covered with ABS covers, whenever there is an extra guest passenger, you can pull out the L track covers and instantly install an extra guest seat. When the seat is not required the L track can be used to install other accessories using standard L track accessories.

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40% Lighter & Stronger, Built with superior Aluminum alloys, and anodized for the best interior finish, and works on freedman Single seats only.

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Weight 10.5 lbs

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