Pareto's ALFO aluminum floor allows installers to offer the exact designs their customers need for both wheelchair and conventional seating arrangements, at a cost competitive with traditional steel and plywood construction. The ALFO flooring system is a kit consisting of panels pre-cut to the floor plan of the vehicle that are fit together in mere minutes to form a single floor. ALFO's integrated L tracks both eliminate a complicated installation step and provide the flexibility of a virtually endless number of seating configurations. Installers can provide whatever designs their customers want, and if changes to the seating configurations are desired later, the customer can rearrange them endlessly and easily with no increased investment and minimal labor.

Flexible Have A Wheelchair Anywhere Affordable

“You are no longer stuck with one seating configuration and are capable of changing your seating plan at any time.”
Configure your floor and create your own seating plan with ALFO’s Configurator.


10 Reasons To Buy ALFO

A close up photo of an ALFO track surface

Sealed Floor Surface

Easy to clean and keep sanitary

An overhead view of an ALFO floor

Uniform and Standard Tracks

Infinite seating configurations with less installation time

A man pulling a strip across an ALFO floor

Quick Install

Takes two workers less than two hours to install

Quick release legs against a white background

Quick Release LegRoll your seat

A closeup photo of ALFO track nuts

Manual Foot Fastener Same configuration flexibility without expensive seat bases

A Ford seat leg inside of a van

Reuse Ford seats Save $1750 per van


Only 2 legs required for a double seat


Adaptor Plate to mount Foldaway SeatTakes 5mins to assemble the foldaway seat, does not require through bolting


Slide Seat in L-Tracks Slide and Roll your seat


Buy America Compliant



  • High-strength aluminum is lightweight and corrosion-free
  • Meets FMVSS / CMVSS standards 207, 210 and 225
  • Each hole is cut by CNC ensuring precision fit and high quality finish
  • Outstanding warranty; 36 months or 40,000 miles, whichever comes first
  • ALFO’s standardized production and CNC machining process ensure every ALFO panel is produced with the highest level of precision and quality
  • Flexible reconfiguration creates greater value for original vehicle owners and resale buyers