Fixed L-track Vs ALFO Integrated track

Fixed L-Track Vs ALFO’s Integrated Track

Customize L-Track with Plywood Customize L-track flooring can be a great addition to a van for people with mobility needs. The tracks can be used to secure wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and other assistive devices during transportation, ensuring that they remain stable and secure. By installing a custom L-track flooring system in a van, people with…

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Aluminum flooring solutions for cargo & work vans - ALFO | Pareto

Aluminum Flooring Platforms Deliver Safety & Ease of Loading & Unloading Pallets For Commercial Vans: Are You Interested?

ALFO Mover floor is necessary for a professional working environment. Aside from protecting your investment, you will be able to provide a safe working environment for your employees and make your vans more efficient. How does van flooring make a difference? In most cases, shelving, workbenches, ladders, and conduit carriers are considered to be the…

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